PRO(30) is a FREE license with no feature limitations, and can be used to manage up to 30 active computers.
Support any installer or scripting technology .MSI .Exe .Bat .Reg .Vbs .PS1 and others.
You are 100% free to build and distribute all the packages that you want.
All inventory information available in searchable views, with export to Excel.

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Number of PC's to license

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About the license

When you register for a license you will receive a keycode to type into the parameter section in the management console.
The keycode in combination with your Windows domain name open the ABC-Deploy software for management of licensed number of client computers.

Clients are counted by ABC-Deploy based on how many clients have reported to the server in the last 30 days.
This give you the freedom of also providing automated management to computers that are only used on a temporary basis. Like test systems and classrooms. 
If a client have not reported in the last 30 days, then it is no longer counted as active.

What happens if active client count exceeds the license limit ?

ABC-Deploy will continue to work as always. Providing full service to all clients.
The programs windows will be tagged with a descrete information message that the license count has exceeded.

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System Requirements

Console Computer

  • Microsoft Windows XP  or later
  • Microsoft .NET Framework V2.0 or higher
  • Administrator Account -Domain account recommended
  • 2-4 GB RAM depending on the number of targets
  • Optionally MS SQL Database from V2000 and later. Express version is suficient

Target Computer

  • Windows XP, 2000 or later   (Yes, also Windows 11)
  • .NET framework V2.0 or higher is required to collect inventory data