Inventory data are collected ind the background, and made available in searchable views, and optionally in a MS SQL database also. Data export to Excel by clicking a button.

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Inventory Features

Hardware inventory

The rich hardware inventory functionality offers detailed reports on your machines' attributes, configurations, and capabilities. Collect hardware inventory data such as computer name, serial numbers, manufacturer, CPU type and speed, memory, available disk space, network card address and manufacturer, and more.
It is easy to assign and allocate hardware assets to individuals, as well as to register purchasing data corresponding to deployed hardware.

Software inventory

Find out who has what software installed. And find all details of the installations.

Collect software inventory information such as name, product ID, date, path, version

Reveal the presence of unauthorized or harmful applications

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Screenshots from ABC-Deploy Inventory 

Dashboard showing where Security or Critical MS Patches are missing.
Just click a PC listed to drill down to specific information for that machine.
Or click the Excel button to export all data to Excel.



Select a PC to list all installed software.
Listing include Uninstall information, product codes and more.
Also list SW Updates, and system components from installed software.

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