Policy driven software deployment and Inventory tool for Windows networks.
Create rules for where software must be installed and updated, and let ABC-Deploy do the rest.
ABC-Deploy will distribute software and updates to all assigned clients and report on errors and successes.
All is done silently, and without the need to be babysit by either you as the admin, or by the end user.

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Software Deployment

Deploy software and user profiles settings

Support distribution of any installer or scripting technology .Msi  .Exe  .Bat  .Msp  .Reg  .Vbs  and more
Import preconfigured tasks from the Package Store

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Inventory information

All the software and hardware information you will ever need.

Data is collected in the background, and are available in searchable views, and optionally in a MS SQL database
Find out who has what software installed. And find all details of the installations.

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Download software and manuals

PRO version is FREE for smaller installations (Up to 30 clients)

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